My English Poems


Kamal Bordoloi

(written in between 01.07.2007 to 13.09.2010)




I do not understand


I do not understand

Your failure

To appreciate

The beauty of spring

In the leafy attire

And also your rudeness

In driving out

The singing cuckoo

From your heart.


I do not understand

Your ridicule

Of my unmasked joy

For the green days

Dusty dusks

Dark nights

And of my pain of distress

When green turns to red

Red to white.


I do not understand

Myself in love

Living for other

A business of no-profit,

But the treasure

Is a pleasure

That flows through

My living corpus

Like a river.


                             Duliajan 18.05.2009





The war is

With heros and flowers !

The old horse


Losses his saddle

As I revive

A fallen bud

Amidst the chaos.


The limping assembly lines

Are drenched in tears

Nothing comes out

Except despair !

I rejunevate them

Again and again

To untie the knots

Of road - barriers.


He builds a prison

Stuffed with gold

And lodges himself

There for life.

I sneak into

Trade with him

The endless joy

Of sharing

For nothing


He is saved.



                       Guwahati - 25.01.2010




The students are amazed !


I tell them :

There is nothing like love.

It is all sweet

Never demands

Makes humilation

And pain


Like thin air.


They are ready

For the cross

Like the son of God.


I tell them more :

There is a heavenly bliss

In the spasm of sacrifice

And inspire them

To relegate

Their souls and bones

Like the proverbial saint

For the weapon

Destined for destruction

Of somebody

Whom the king dislikes.


They chant hymn

For the glory of the king.


As the end of day

I find myself

In the seat of a


Famed for

Summoning love

For dying

But, failed

To teach the basies

For leading

A lovely life

In this beautiful world

Abound with


Of varieties.


The revealation kills.



                      Guwahati - 28.01.2010


The unextinguishing



Like the grasses of grazing field

I linger on

To live for ever

By the magic of numbers,

While the others trampling me


To unlimited fame and shame

And erode

Like a sand-bar/of river/

Where time surges

Without leisure.


Kind Gods

(who cannot be blamed)

Visit daily thousand shrines

And hence out of reach

To provide me

With a balm of peace

While in distress

Of delayed justice.


Science produces

Weapons of mass destruction

To kill me on this side

Or that side of river

As per whims of one

Who owns the  trigger.


Yet, I sweat every hour

To fight the hunger

At the field

So wide and bare

And carry

The unextinguishing flame

To all homes far and near

For telling them

"Happiness is our right.

We shall earn it

By dint of labour.



                          Guwahati - 27.05.2010



The craftsman


Outside the luxury jail

Some men wait

With false claim

Of committed crimes

For being its inmates !


It is queer

To find a craftsman


Though I understand

The pang of

Empty stomach

Can make a man

Mad !


Come, O' craftsman

My brother

Stand near

Have no fear.

We burn ourselves

To create and recreate

The beauty

Of the world

And our destiny

To die

In the process.



                          Guwahati - 01.06.2010





I was pushed

Into a godown

With stockpiles of

Twisted perplexities.

And I became

A rodent there


In damp soil

And foul air.

But, my rendezvous

Ended all on sudden

As soon as

I encountered

A rebellous flower

Blooming beautifully

In a dark corner

Spreading fragrance

All over,

That brought me

To the realm of


For living

A life of man.


I became free




                      Guwahati - 11.06.2010



The welcome



Time is running out


The tragedy is spreading

Like waterhycinth,

Weaklings are forced

To squeezers,

Justice, reasons and rights

Are eaten up

By the hungry tenacles

Of corruption.


However, the rustling are

In the air

With ho-ho musings of the


As if to welcome


From the churning of


To vanquish our own


To open the gates of


For every one !



                          Guwahati - 21.06.2010



I shall have to go !


I shall have to go

To the dreaded places :

High mountains

Foaming seas

Exploding stars

All for

Wisdom and Light


Matters naught.


I shall have to go

To the meetings of



For preventing

The cunning predators

In their bids

To be shepherds

Of sheep.


I shall have to go

To the deary hell

For telling its inmates

My dreams

Dreamt in the nights

Of ordeal

So as to encourage


For blooming flowers

In soaked drains.


I shall have to go

To the battle fields


On spilled bloods

To nullify cruelity


Love and humility

For which

The Earth aspires

So much.


I shall have to go

My love ............,

But before that

I would smear

The sacred mark

Of the destined sacrifice

On your forehead

In the same style

Like me.


Would you mind ?



                   Guwahati - 23.06.2010



Like a rain-bow


How are you ?


Fine is everything

Everything is fine


Spring still sings to cuckoo

In the bounty of sun-shine,

Stars untrampled yet

With thunders

And Love lingers even now

In sewers !


No, No,

What's about you

Me, my life !

Oh beautiful

Like a cactus

Thorn and flower

Flew free and high

In the Eagles' sky


Tasted nectar

In the feast of bitter.


Now, aged and anchored

In a luxury saloon

Conditioned with stale-air

To fade like a rain-bow

In the eastern sky,

Splendid, isn't it, my dear.



                           Duliajan - 23.10.1988




Dreams out-step them

When forest gives way

To huts and harvests,

Of a sanitary toilet

A glass of sparkling


Children with


And so on

Only to burst like

Bubbles of foam

Before long.


They do not know

They do not know

The reason.


They hire a priest

To worship,

No boon received.

Protests and petitions

Levelled with either

Assurance or batons

Waits have become

Painfully long.


But, they know

(Do they really !)

What it is

What to blow.


Now, days are dry

For the dreams

Or the dreams

Are fallen leaves

Of winter.


Will there be a spring


On the encircling

Forest fire ?



                           Duliajan - 20.01.1991


Behind a King's glow


I prosper at shadow

Behind a King's glow,

My wealths are dreaded


To roll heads

Of proud Kings and Kins alike

If they fail me to delight.


The trick is the same

Ruthless but slim :

Give them as

Orchestrated stage,

They pawn to you

In the process

Their everything

While they fight

Till they see

Glimpses of light.

And you know

Hungry beasts work wonder

So long their

Dream of food can linger.

In this way,

Resources drift to the shadow

Like mass-production

That goes on in rows in row.


Things always tend

To get complicated,

Their leaders are now

Wise and united

To make a hit at me direct.

Before that, I retaliate

With germs of jealousy

To lodge them in paultry

Like chickens, docile and tasty

Since I live, live for me only.



                                 Duliajan - 07.04.1991





It is a huge affair

I run the business

Of searching profit

Round the clock

Luxuries and comfort,

Are available

At push-buttom

Amidst all these,

Dark-nights of April

Make me restless

To flee like Gautans

At dead of night -

For reclaiming

The pipe of buffallo-horn

Your smiles

My home.

But I sold them long ago.



                             Duliajan 20.05.2009


Boat with sail


A boat with sails is passing by

Like a piece of cloud

In blue sky.

It leaves behind a trail of ripples

And a train of thoughts


With bundles of boatmen's ballads

Of floating destiny and louging

For family.


And the memory splashes

Dotted reds

On the back of chained slaves

Of a luxury yacht.

Further deep,

The boat with sails tied

History of joy and tears

Corner to corner

And ferried message of civilization :

Mankind can survive on


The boat sails new sea of oblivion


For new editions !

The heart also beats without feel


For competitions.



                             Duliajan 25.05.2009


The Loner


No  use of


In a boat of


Their distress Sinks



No use of

Planting a sapling

Their ignorance

Bans progress.


No use of

Banishing them

For good

You can't survive

Without root.



Endear them

Like the Sun




They understand



You get.



                       Guwahati - 03.02.2010



Act !


In the past,

We survived

By investing in


For others.

The return

Was specticular :

The soothing songs

Supportive Earth

And a dream

So dear.



We process growth

To gallop like horses

In a race,

And the poison

Thus we produce


The nectar

Provided so kindly

By nature.



We are in peril.

Mourners are crying


Can we survive

Can we survive

Still !


Our bond of hands

Is only

The strength

Left in us

To neutralise

The surge of Revenge.


Let us act.


Act !!



                              Guwahati - 16.02.2010




Drunk with power

I demanded once

With blurred conscience


From the sky

Which remained however


With beaten pride,

I took the decision

To annihilate the Blue.

I rained bullets

Which had returned

As cool drops of dew !


Killer commandoes

Were then assigned

To drown the sky

In the depths of

Seven seas.

They were all sunk

In fact, without trace

In the hanging seas

Of emptiness.


I ordered

The painted peaks

To pierce the Sky


They chorused a reply :

"We are dwarf

Out of reach

The Giant is."


The bed is ready

At last

On the dust.

I beckon therefrom

The sky

Like a baby

"Take me out,

I want to fly ! "



                            Guwahati - 25.05.2010




A wanderlust

I am, for love.


The royal court

Where I enjoy the nectar

And admire the glitter

Is not enough

To stop my flight

To look for a beauty

Of a waiting face

At the chink-hole

Of a cottage

At a far-off place.


From the pool of

Crystal clear water

Criss-crossed with

Coloured lights

And bathing flowers,

I move to the

Unbounded joy

Of loin-clothed children

In the red-water

Of a river

In a day of

Hot summer.


I lend my ears too

To the concert

Of suffering

Of extreme hell

And show its inmates

The changing colours

Of the sky

Framed within the


Where a sparrow



With its partner.


A wanderlust survives

On hope and love

Distance matters nought.



                         Guwahati - 03.06.2010





They are labourers

Like tiny ants

And converted

A waste land

Into a garden

Of fruits and flowers.

But, I did the trick

Drove them out.

Closed the garden

With tall walls

To be its sole-owner !

This offended the butterflies

Who refused to dance


The humble bees

Lost mood to hum

The gentle breeze

Was reluctant to enter.

Then the Master

Acted tough :

"The jail you created

Only confines

Yourself ".



They do not relax

And are in the process

To create new gardens

Some in deserts

Some in swamps

Of course

Of fruits and flowers.


They are gardeners !



                            Guwahati - 07.06.2010




They said the same thing

All of them

All the greats

"Love and respect".

After their demise

The words so wire

Are traded

In the market

Of love and kill

Like cure-pills.

So, I failed willfully

To get the revered company

Of the great masters

The eternal sufferers.

For, I wish to be

A street-wise

If not, an ignorant

But, never never

A learned unwise.



                           Duliajan - 22.01.1991


The crown


I am a bad omen

A drunkard of drain

I know,

They call me so

As I drink a dream

That a robin can sing

Across a wild evening.


Tell me,

Am I so bad

As labelled

by the so-called


Who wages a war

Like shark after blood

Against the Nature

For death and dirt.


I search for

My place of birth

In the midst of

Twinkling stars,

Curse hell

For the sneaker

Who steals

Joy of neighbour,

I swim with the wind

Over all

The lands and seas.

For that,

If they crown me

As kings of mads

I car less,


I shall even accept.



                Duliajan - 27.01.1991


Game of three


While roaming like monkey

Suddenly I felt

Slamming of door

At the face of me,

As I happened to pass

The final exam

In division three.

I remained still poised

The boy carefree

Crushing my budding youth

And weeping lonely.

None understood the bluff

Except the girl of neighbour.

I fled in hushed dark

To a town for luck to repair.


Levelled myself down a bit

For the jobs dirty and difficult

But simple for the wild boy

To aspire

After years for a wife !


So, I brought the girl

Who, like fool

Waited so long for me.

Together, we are happy

To raise a family

Two plus three !


The eldest boy left us

As he wanted to be rich

Very quick.

Younger on the run

Always to solve

Problems with bullets.


With the mother and daughter

We are again three

To move the cart, long road

Ends are too far to see.




In the next century


While in the deep sea,

A dolphin friend

Ask me,

If they shall  escape

The anhilation

In the next century

From our zeal

Of destruction ;

And I tell the mammal

Like a diplomat of U.N.

That joy of living

Shall remain unspoiled

For all,

As wisdom of experience

Shall prevail

On the lust of power

And science shall combat

The foes of welfare.


Yet, I perspire


At the dead of night

With the fear :

If I may have to see

The end of the road

Where talent can bear

No more

The pangs of creation

And the mind gets blocked

In the cage of



An old man

As I shall be

In the next century

Wishes to see :

Children bloom

Like flowers

In many colours

At all the corners,

Let care and share

Flows to them

Like water

Of a river

That does not obey

Our borders ;



The wonder of wonders

The force of survival

And living together

Continues to embrace

Tiny and tremendous

To make the blue planet

A happy home for all the inmates

And a beauty so rare

In the universe.



                           Duliajan - 29.03.1991



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