My English Poems


Kamal Bordoloi

(written during 2005 - 2010)



Without names



They saved me

A run away fugative

From dying

Without asking

Who I was

And nursed me

In their hut

To fighting fit.

I did not ask

Their names

And for this,

The history of mine

Becoming a King

Will not be blemished !


I thought

They were of

Low category,

Lust and robbery

Ruled their lives

Of poverty,

But, they pulled me

Out from a

Sinking boat

Amid Storm and waves


Their own lives !

I do not know

What they are.

I do not know

Their names.


At last,

I became king

A powerful one

Thirsty one

Thirsty of blood.

But, an old man



My taunting postures

"A King must do welfare

A vampire cannot reign" !

I understood

And survived,

But, the old man

was untraced !


I donot know

Their whereabouts,

I donot know

If they have accounts

In any treasury

But, I write them

Like that

Without names

In my history

As they nurture





                           Guwahati - 18.09.2010





Once, I dressed like a saviour,

Collected bags of applaud

From far and near

But, cursed by parished ones

Whom I could not save.

The dress is now a snake !


To dress as a sage was fine

Preaching was however tough

Fumbled for words to say :

"Pain is at par with nectar,

Gods cannot commit crimes !

Soon, the public treated me

As a run-away joker

From some circus !


Let me dress to my choice

Like a man of street

To tell you "Thank you"

For the opportunity

To lead a life.



                           Guwahati - 08.10.2010




Great lives have failed

To shape my life.

Instead, a running  river

It is,

With banks of blooming

Wild flowers.

No chance, however

For a bedecked life

For a safe-Locker.


A hut is my home


My livelihood of sweet Prospers

And dreams dare to venture

While I sleep at night

With dogs ears

To rise

If a mother arrives

To seek shelter


For a crying Kabir

A new-born baby

Abandoned at my door



Let me stay like this,

It is better


Yes, like this.



                           Guwahati -03.01.2010




Go there and pray,

The deity

Is no less than God !

Grants wishes quickly.

The distance

To the shrine

Of course, not much

A continent !

Air-route is better

Clean and quicker.

Or, rent a yacth

The water - route

Is a good provider

Of comfort and leisure

At a reasonable rate.


Take the land-route

If you can bear

Dirt and nuisance.


As for me,

I could not make it,

Time overtook me

While playing with


All along the road !



                           Guwahati - 03.11.2010


True - sayings


O' father

You taught me

"Truth is supreme".

I tell them

The same thing.

They laugh at,

Hop like monkeys

And damage

The surroundings.

They see as if blind

They hear as if deaf,


Their new hobby :

Baking Nature

To make holes

In the sky

For escape of moisture,

No more damp weather

A climate they aspire

To rule the Earth

With gun - powder !


The aged wisdom

Is ringing

The great bell :

Time to be wise

To save the Earth

From being white.


O' Father

Tell me the truth :

No life hereafter

On this Earth !



                           Guwahati - 12.11.2010




Victory is valour


Like a Sun-lit

White peak !


As a fresh flower

Sweet - scented with

Sheer delight

Nurtured with

Bleeding heart

And sacrifice.


Is neither piracy

In deep sea

Nor jewellery

Of thief.

It is the defeat

Of enemy

For safe in - road

To prosperity.



                           Guwahati - 10.11.2010



Some strange men



We come across

Some strange men

At towns, villages


And at ferry - points.


They laugh, cry


Fall in love

Protest loudly

Borrow money

And became drunk.


Some set of men

Come out

When time is hot

And hard

To check

If it has become


So as to draw

The golden dreams

Of creators

With deep lines

At the risk of

Their lives !


When the time

Is distressed

With flood of

Lurking dangers,

They swim through

With floating rafts

Loaded with seedlings

Of hopes and aspirations

To find stretches of

Newly silted land

To plant

On the virgin mud,

For a good harvest

Of future.


They die silently

In the midst of dreams.

None shed tears !

And a new set of

Strange men

Take over.


The act never ends.



                           Guwahati - 17.11.2010


To you


I am leaving soon.

Could not meet you.

Where are you ?


We are fighters

You and me

Like our fore-fathers.

I fought out

An empire

Where I imprisoned me !

You parted ways

To be

A die-hard soldier.


If you come here,

You will find

A collapsed empire.

Meet the old man


To collect a dress

Left by father

Neat but lack-lustre

Wear it

As an armour


Will be lessened,


Will be satisfying.


Do not waste time

Like me

With fairy fame


Time - expired traditions.

Sacrifice, What you can

To ease the  sufferings

The Earth is crying !


Your foot-steps are

At a distance

But approaching


The snares of nocturnals.

But, not enough time

For me

To meet you

Darkness is looming large

Over my eyes,

Time to say - Good byes !



                           Guwahati - 08.12.2010





Many routes

Long short

cosy bumpy

costly or cheap


The route of my choice

A common one

They say  peaceful !


Provisions Are scanty :

A packet

of bulldozing will

Few chocolates

of humane values.


After a while

I find myself

Shifted to a new route

Rough, unknown

And mysterious.

A wrong step

May be a fall.

Carefully, Carefully

I tell myself.


The act is repeated

Off and on.

New routes

New challenges

And an accumulation of


Sweet and bitter.


The journey

Has been shadowed

By somebody

All along

Pulling and pushing


In the Jigsaw puzzle

Of routes.

I donot know

He is friend

Or foe.

And peace ?

I donot know


I have achieved !



                           Guwahati - 10.03.2011





He bade farewell

With "Sense of pride"

And sang to God

"Let me cross ...."

Just before

The hangman

Could tie the knot.

He was not a soldier,

A simple villager

But, his valour

Simply unmatched !


They mailed him

To a cross.

Yet he forgave them

Bestowed love

While dying

A terrible death.


At the best !


The eccentric

Met on illeterate

Poor woman

She was pregnant.

He asked her

Shamlessly :

How she could dare

To be a mother.

She retorted back

"For joy"

Diamond droplets !


They lose everything


Their massive will.

The road - block

is powerful

And their mission

Is hopeless.


But, they are still

Proud valiant

And flying bullets.

Are they

courage incarnate ?



                           Guwahati - 15.03.2011





Very ordinary person

I am,

Simply rotate death

Like the grass does

And survive

The tsunamies of



I dislike the greats

Who lecture hours

To define beauty

But, put themselves

On pedestal of



Greek - tragedies

Are excellent,

So is Balmiki

In the depiction

Of cruelity.

As for me, I deal

Daily with

Much more bitter

Drops of tears

Of child

Suffering from hunger.

Realise :

Song of life

Can also bite.


Love is tremendous,

Shahjahan made it


Dante mortgaged


For love, Beatrix,

But, insignificant

To the Love of humanity

Of the man

Unknown to me

Who donated a Kidney

Completely free

To save my life

Without giving me

A Chance

Even to say




                           Guwahati - 07.04.2011





Shall I get time

To disburse

All the love


In my heart  ?

I fear.


Creations are bigger

Than their master.

They are eager

To last for ever

Time is running out

To provide them

At least

Shelves and Safety

And I am

As helpless as ever.


Where ever I go

The call is laud

"Come here

To make a bridge"

But, I cannot proceed.

My quota is finished !


In the games of

Give and take,

I am a loser


But, I like to win

The final.

O' Time !

Relax the machine.



                           Guwahati - 10.04.2011


Twilight hours



I donot feel hurt.

Deprival does not matter.

I have arrived

At the river-front,

Exactly where

I donot care.

Profit and loss

No longer bother,

It is a child-play

Exchange of pots


The eyes are closed !

Thorny path, I opted

Since, it was straight.

I bled

All the way

But, no regret.

I earned the love

Which is still

In the safe locker

Of my heart.

But, the mystery

Is the sea,

I cannot see

Inside my chest


The waves roar

To say


Never quenches".



                           Guwahati - 12.04.2011





For you, For me


When a dream is wrecked


Like the humble bee

Over a hundred flowers

To bloom a dream


For you,

For me.


As the thunder tears

Our house,

We build another

In the dark hours

Of night

For a shelter

To weave dreams

In the morning

For you,

For me.


We endeavour

To find the lake of love

That every heart harbours

To purify

Sin and treachery

With its water

Like the Earth does

For you,

For me.


Sharing joy and pain

Of living

Is a fun.

But, living longer

Through others

Is incredible


For you,

For me.



                           Guwahati - 30.09.2010




Thieves come at night

To steal the sky

In the garb of clouds.

The twinkle stars

Scare them away

And the sky is safe

As always.


A snake

In the shade of darkness

Tries to swallow

The sparkling moon

Who fights and survives

Every time

Just to tell us

To sparkle

Even at odd times.


Trust is interned

In secret place.

Brisk preparations

Are afoot

For shedding blood

In wipe-out fights.

The worried poet

composes poems

In sweet melody

And soft harmony

To tell the fighters

For shedding bloods

To bloom flowers !


They obey the command.



                           Guwahati - 14.10.2010


An old man's poem


Like many

I too composed poems

Filled with

Love and lust.


Might is right.

The hurts

Those I suffered

Are still fresh

In the vault

Of my heart

Like the "rubaiyats".


But, I did not depict

The helpless condition

Of toothless dogs.

The broken wing of

Old sparrow

For whom

The sky has shut

Its windows

And the dreaded wait

Of yellow leaves

For the tearing moment

From the life !


Short - comings !

Should I beg to be

Excused ?



At the end of road

With dim eye-sight

I search

For a bit of

Scented comfort

If my "balance allows".


I question myself

If I have the right

To swim even an hour

In the river of


After navigating

All my life

In the ocean of

Negligence !


The wisdom intervenes

And wish me

A happy death !



                           Guwahati -16.10.2010



The river


On its long banks

My effort is relentless

To understand

The trick

That turns Time

Into a running river,

The river.


Rain - drops

Build homes

On its waves.

Storm undulates

Lust in its chest

And the whirlpools

Lay traps

For unsuspecting chaps


Of waves

Amongst themselves

Are endless

And the rives


Drops its own identity

On reaching sea !

The whole episode

Is disjoined

And a puzzle to me !


Who own the river ?

The moon

Ornates the river

With glitter and grandeur

To get a lasting partner.

Fishes of the river


At all nooks and corners

With their swinging tails :

Their kingdom never fails.

And the men

Build homes, Villages

And metropolis

Besides the river

To establish

The right of occupancy !


Who own the river ?

Is it the sky, hill sea

Or the valleys -

The river never comply

With a reply.


The river laughs

With vermilion red

When fishes splash


But fail to swim

Thro' the air !

The river resorts

To savage dancing

When the beats.



With rod of lightening

And the news

Of harming the Nature

Comes thro',

The sullen image

Of the river


Foamy and furious

And is out to damage

The dreams and destiny

Of the civilization

That has developed

Over the years

Of hard labour.


The river

could still bear

More than enough


Of purest kind.


For all of us

With its water and silt

If we can only

Drive out

The jeolous dog

Out of our mind !



                           Guwahati - 08.11.2010


My anguish


No taker

Of my heart.

No regret,

Market is like that,

Once, my beloved one

Took it away

Returned next day

Saying "A mistake

It was !"

No remorse

No heart - burning

Destined to be loner

Like the solitary traveller

Inching to melt

For lighting

A part of universe !


But my anguish

Breaks the barrier

Sometimes  :

For the good heart

There is no taker !

Ridiculous !



                           Guwahati - 18.11.2010




My home

Is this forest.

I love it

For its abundance life,

The movement of

Pregnant clouds


Of blooming flowers

And the love-calls

Of barking deers.


I roam around

In the distant islands

Amidst desert - storms

And at the frozen lands

To sing aloud

The glory of life.


None can keep me


Even in the prison of crooks

Or, prevent me

From visiting

Every heart

To plant dreams

Of flowers.



I loss direction

In the dark

And slumber

Like a snake

Of winter

Only to be active

in no time

To prevent

Degradation of life :

Man becoming ape !


I invite the breeze

To winnow away

The fog of weakness

In the face of danger

And command them

In the voice of

Thunder - :

It is not sea,

You can swim


Bank is not far.


Wearing my badge

Of confidence,

Fighters negate death

Dying nations

Stand erect

And the endeavour

Of wisdom

Continues endlessly

To find me

In the universary.


You cannot deny me,

I am the mover

That moves faster

Ahead of everybody.



                           Guwahati - 18.11.2010





Burning inside !

A small fire


Like a candle

Of church.

So, easy

To extinguish !

But, who bothers


The ongoing show

Of glamour

Dazzles eyes !


A foetus

In a womb

The fire is,

Growing to be

An enveloping


To leave only


Of gas

And glooms.


The resources are

In place

Wisdom plenty

And rain - bow


To throw arrows.

The fire

Can still be


Before, it spreads

Like Tsunami waves !



                           Guwahati - 28.03.2011




He is extreme


Tiger - skin at waist

Live snacks at necks.

Destroys evil


Grants boons

Even to

Deserving devil !


He is HARA

The supreme lover

Together with


Perfect pair

For the newly weds.

Yet, he is also


The most ferocious

If love is derogated.



The blue-throated God

Of ultimate Trinity

Once drank poison


For the survival of


As the God of Welfare

He bridges

Mountain to sea

Like a river.


At the zero-point,

The master was there

To sing

The song of welcome

The "Bhairab"


He can also dance


The dance of havoc

If the Evil tiltes

The balance.


The Universe

Is a reality

Vast and big

Beyond our imagination


Siva is greater


The external unity

Among the opposites !



                           Guwahati - 31.03.2011



In search of company


I approach the Tree

Exchange our breaths.

It speaks solemnly

With the ancient bliss

The unspoken

Real and tender

In food

Shelter and water,


As a cunning miser

That I am

Could deliver

A resolve

To stay together

Tree and me

For ever !!


I meet the River

Whose gushing water

Balms away

All my aches and regards

Of failures,

Fondly teaches me

Like an ageless sage

The craft of

Creation, cultivation

And the culture,

The way of breaking


And of streering the

Silvery ship of


Here and there.


Into the sea of sky

I ride on a winged boat.

A bird, passing by

With a rainbow coat

Sings out to me

"You be w...e...."


And the stars,

Bubbling flames

Tell me

In sparkling gesture

"You are us".


Strange is string

That binds

Lives and deads


I donot know,

Is love divine

A mere dynamics

Or, a mix

Of Einstein.

My search continues

For a company

Who knows

What is it

Really ?



                           Guwahati - 05.04.2011



Be like the flowers


Be like the flowers

Of pleasing colours

Bloom in

All seasons

Days and nights

For joy and happyness.


Smile away

The gloom

Like the flower


In white desert.


The Joy of  beauty


Like the flower does

In heaven and hell.


Our life

Is like a boat

Drifting on a river

With the current.


The fragnance

Of enchantment 


Like the flowers

In bloom

Even when

The boat is in




                           Guwahati - 11.04.2011


Riverain man


The river flows thro' him,

He is eroded

Get silted

And sometimes deserted.

The river is his refuge

His sustenance

His prime-mover.


He fights

With the looters

Of golden harvests

The river provides,

Spills blood

Water becomes red !


The river now

Is wounded

By a hoardes of

Callous populace

And the riverain man

Is ringing

The bell.

None cares !

It may be too  late


A desert shall enter.



                           Guwahati - 18.04.2011






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