My English Poems


Kamal Bordoloi

(written during 2005 - 2010)






Very hungry !

Anything to eat ?

Days pass-by

In the fashion of

Stand-by motors

Producing not even

An identity !

But, causing

The body sterlile

Like a mossy rock


The dry heart

With thorns of rose

That desire to grow

And singing

The same song

"Give me something

To eat

To fill the stomach"

Empty stomach

The name of a

Shameful pain

That degrades

Mammals to animals !


The pioneers

Are searching

The sandy deserts,

White polar carpets

The endless oceans

And the knotted brains

For the hidden treasure

Of beautiful foods

For feeding

The millions !

They immortalise the Hope.

Is sometimes

Very bitter.

But, we swallow it

Like the tablets of pressure

As it is so sweet

To live !


                           Guwahati - 09.12.2010




It is a rolling stone

Inside my bosom.

Its sharp edges

Are now rounded

With age.

Causing a sensation

Of pain and pleasure.

I regret,

It will end-up

With my death !



                           Guwahati - 15.12.2010


A poem can do


When, whips replace reasons

And a mask dares

To give me a role

Of jester,

I become furious

And shoot off fire-balls

Of words

Which ignite

The minds of


To be valiant soldiers

For anhilation of




The route is trecherous

And the fatigue eats up

All the stamina,

Then, I sing a song

To awaken

Your mind

To pull up its reserve

The peak is not far.



Hunger and pain

Rule supreme

And no way

To survive.

Then, I show the light

Of the darkness

For your eyes

To search out

The immortality


Under a tree.


When you smile

In happiness,

I recoil

To jump ahead

Like a frog

For warming you

In advance

Of road-block.



                           Guwahati - 21.04.2011





Please beat the drums

To end the slumber


To sprout joy

At every heart.


Start the games

For one and all


Guarantee prizes

Of delight

For every one.


If you  bleed

Stop it,

But, not the move

Track the night

By the light

In its deep.


Try to love

The life will enlarge

Don't expect return

It may be a desert !


Please welcome the friend

Who will come

To draw the curtain

As the episode ends.



                           Guwahati - 13.05.2011




A God has come

To review the Earth

On this year's first.


The freshness of life

He witnessed in his visit last

Still lingers.


The planet was then

Carpetted with

Blue and green,

Caves were

Of course, empty

Of human-being.


Now, it is a bee-hive !

People blow trumpets

Of their new prowess

And shackle the Nature

Like prisoner of war

To spoil own future !


God has reviewed.

Nothing abnormal !

And he departs.



                           Guwahati - 21.04.2009



I donot understand


I donot understand

Your failure

To appreciate

The beauty of spring

In its leafy attire.

Also your rudeness

In driving out

The singing cuckoo

From your heart.


I donot understand

Your ridicule

Of my unmasked joy

For the green days

Dusty dusks

Dark nights

And of my pain of distress

When green turns to red

Red to white.


I donot understand


In love

Living for other

A business of no profit,

But the treasure

Is a pleasure

That flows through

My living corpus

Like a river.



                           Guwahati - 18.05.2009






Over thirty centuries


Outside their caves,

They had sown seeds

And harvested a society.

Society hatched a Kingdom

Folk admired the king

And surrendered

Their rights

In token of their love.

In turn, he made them


And subjugated everything

To his whims and orders

For fifteen thousand years,


The pale, science

Could ferry home-delivery :

Printing press

Engines, machines,

And democracy.



The new power centers


To produce

Two hot world-wars

Three hundred crores

Hungry men

And a scar to Nature

Threatening survival

Of home saipens

But, the poet

Goes on dreaming

In the midst of ruins

For one happy world

And hope that

Greed and manners

will cease soon

To be elements of

Human character.



                           Guwahati - 09.12.2010


The soil of the Earth


In the garden of roses,

Tiny wild flowers

Raise hands

Here and there

As proud offshoots

Of Forest

The harbourer

Of lives,


The soil of the Earth



Even in

Solitary island

sandy desert

And in

Thorny coolness.

Like an ardent lover

It never fail

To make garlands

Of forest flowers

For the delight

Of the creator

And the Universe !



                           Guwahati - 23.12.2010




How large is the sky ?

Beyond comprehension


Colours play in the sky

Like a bunch of child

Draw shapes on canvas

Change shades to give life

Only to get erased !

Sky never allows

Colours to dominate

As it is colourless.


Sky bears shocks

Of creation

And destruction

Without whimper

No gain no loss

It embraces all.


Galaxies get collapsed

Old, stars bid good-byes

New sets of lives appear

Sky never winks an eye !


Sky sustains attraction

Styles continuous change

Hobby is to fill all the blanks

Big and small, in between

Defies the limits of dimensions

And sinks the ideas of opposites.



                           Guwahati - 04.04.2011





You love me

Like the mountain-avalanche

That rushes and shears itself

To meet the valley.


You are the queen-beauty

Of the dream land

Having no boundary

O' Imagination,

My sweet-heart

You are the nectar

Of date-palm

That dots the desert.


O' Serenity

You are solemn

Like the fullmoon.

Radiate glory

Like the lotus at noon.

And for love everywhere

You are my partner

We proceed together.



                           Guwahati - 04.04.2009


Story of a Story-teller


Our childhood memories

Are decked with

Kings and queens

Of uncle Jali's stories.

He was garden-worker

And our darling story-teller.

But, working and telling


Might not concur

However, with our father.

And his cunning eyes

Looked at our despair.

We never gave up

Made a way to compromise

A story for a betel-nut.

Then, narration flowed freely

"........ The queen suddenly

Grief stricken King

Renounced everything

Went to forest

As a hermit".

He also went home

Sweet home with leaky roof

Daily rupees two

Could not make rain-proof.

Another day saw

Slight change of venue.

The king was however Santanu

"..... He felt very lonely

In the silence of night

Desired for a company

At his bedside

But, his son Bhisma ....."


His son's name

A would be tailor

And me ?

A scholar

I would be,

A ganze at Bihu-time

All he needed then

Stories would follow

Of course, for my children !

Next time, a tragedy

"The good King was Hari

But, luck played foul

Shattered his dreams

Made him a pauper

Dead-body washer !"

Uncle Jali

Stopped telling stories

At the age of sixty.



                           Guwahati - 14.05.2009


Boat with sails


A boat with sails is passing by

Like a piece of cloud

In blue sky.

It leaves behind a trail of ripples

And a train of thoughts


With bundles of boatmen's ballads

Of floating destiny and longing

For family.

And the memory splashes

Dotted reds

On the back of chained slaves

Of a luxury yacht.

Further deep,

The boat with sails tied

History of joy and tears

Corner to corner

And ferried message

Of civilization :

Mankind can survive

On integration.

The boat sails now

For sea of oblivion,


For new editions !

The heart also beats

Without feel


For competitions.



                           Guwahati - 25.05.2009






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